The Sunset Lane Daycare Center
Where children come to grow with smiles on their faces
The Sunset Lane Daycare Center is an in home daycare that will meet your child's every need. The curriculum is planned for flexibility and allows for teachers to express their creativity. 

The curriculum has topics for each week associated with the monthly theme. We do arts & crafts, read books, sing songs, play games, sensory items, and many other activities. 
Cognitive Development:   
Encourage curiosity and questioning
Encourage attention to task and following directions
Memory recall of letters, numbers, shapes, address and phone number
Logical sequence of events
Concept development through exploration
Classifying / sorting / comparing
Following 2, 3, 4 step directions
Show and Tell / Sharing (speaking in progressively longer sentences)
Stories / story telling
Name recognition and recall
  Social Skills:
 Provide free playtime for socialization
Encourage participation
Encourage responsibility for behavior
Role playing
Provide good role models
Promote independence, courtesy and consideration of others
Begin to understand relationship of self to group, home and community
Art/ Music/ Creativity:
 Structured and unstructured work with paint, glue, scissors, crayons and other materials
Seasonally, developmentally appropriate projects
Tactile stimulation
Exploration of different media
Finger plays / songs
Exploration of rhythm and dance
  Math/ Science:
 Recognition and use of numbers, shapes, objects and their relationship to the world
Planting and cooking
Matching and sequencing
Classifying, ordering, comparing
Quantitative concepts
Recognition and exploration of the five senses
Fine/ Gross Motor Development:
 Puzzles, Lacing, Coloring, Drawing, Gluing, Cutting
Throwing, catching, climbing, skipping, hopping, standing on one foot
  1. Rebecca Lane
    Rebecca Lane
    I am a loving, patient, nurturing, and experienced woman who has a true passion for helping children. I love to see smiles on children's faces as they grow and develop. I love to watch children use their imagination as they explore. My bubbly personality is contagious and welcoming to all.
Each teacher is experienced and qualified to stretch the minds of children. 
Our teachers will guide and encourage your children through their learning experience here at the Sunset Lane Daycare Center. It is our mission to help each child through their journey in life. Through guidance and encouragment, your  child's mind will expand while exploring the world.

Each teacher brings their own experience to the daycare center. We are each loving, caring, kind individuals who want to see your child flourish.  
4 months - 5 years of age welcome! 

Fulltime Childcare - Monday to Friday anytime 7 am                                            to 6 pm

Halfday Childcare - Monday to Friday 
                                          7:00 am to 12:30 pm
                                           12:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Part Time Childcare - Daily childcare or hourly                                                            throughout the week